Anatomy is the study of the human form. Our bodies are amazing, they start from two cells, which soon become millions. The cells specialise to form each body system e.g. cardiovascular. Understanding our bodies is important for all of us to ensure we maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

For those studying the human body for a wide range of careers including; medicine, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy, yoga, art etc. learning each and every detail is a journey in itself.

Within anatomy the journey of learning by discovery is aided by the generous gift of those who donate their body to science. The most selfless act of giving to enable others to learn and then directly have an impact of the lives of millions of others.

I have been teaching anatomy for over 20 years and have taught over 30 thousand students. I have accepted hundreds of donors who have selflessley donated their bodies to advance science and the education of doctors, dentists and allied health professions. It is a privilege to work with both donors, their families and students.

Dr C.F. Smith